Thursday, 8 February 2018

A Week In Training: Turbo, Tiredness & Tantrums

The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment, which is good because it means they are full and interesting enough not to drag but I do have to keep an eye on things to make sure I'm not squeezing too much in (as is my usual way of things). So I thought this week I'd keep it simple with an overview of my training and work-life balance in the week from the 1st to the 7th of February.


Starting on a bit of a low here. After morning class I set out for a 2hr endurance run. This meant one hour at target race pace plus a minute then the second hour at race pace. I hadn't planned a route as such but set out in an uphill direction with the logic that a downhill on the return would help me hit my pace. Cheating? Probably but I knew I'd been struggling to hit race pace. The first hour was ok but the second, well it all fell apart really. Despite a chap walking his dog congratulating me on how far I'd run (he'd seen me twice on my route at points significantly far enough apart to impress him) I stumbled home after 90 minutes feeling deflated that I'd not got closer than 20 seconds to my race pace. I curled up to finish off a book before evening classes.


I like Fridays. I teach one of my favourite classes in the morning and have the rest of the day to myself so a perfect day to tackle the two training sets in my plan. I tackled a bike test on the turbo trainer before work with the intention of swimming after class before meeting a friend for coffee. The bike test went well except my coach had neglected to mention that I should wear a heart rate monitor, so I'll be re-doing it tomorrow! However I failed to get to the pool and we were out for dinner with friends in the evening when the triathlon swim session takes place so only achieved half my training that day.
Turbo training means I'm in a vest with the window open and he's in a down jacket!


I'd pushed my rest day from Thursday to Saturday. I didn't make it to yoga in the morning but had a chilled out day with a few house viewings thrown in. Oh yes, we're looking to move house. Let's just add that into the mix why don't we?


Social bike ride day! Originally my plan said to do cross country in the morning followed by an hours bike ride in the afternoon. But. It was my grandmother's birthday party that afternoon and I knew I'd only have the morning to do any training. Then we got invited out for a bike ride which clashed with cross country. My logic was that I rarely if ever get out on the roads on my bike, especially at this time of year, so the lure of a ride that I didn't have to plan, with friends and a coffee stop was strong. Coach agreed this was a Good Choice so despite freezing temperatures and nerves about junctions we went. And I loved it!
Velolife cafe for our coffee stop


Should have been a swim day but after the travelling on Sunday I was knackered. I called it a rest day with the promise to myself that I'd swim on Wednesday instead. Taught three classes and got home at 8:45pm.
I've discovered a rather good alcohol free wine!


Had a great turbo workout after first class of the day! Got to play around with efforts which made the hour go really quickly. Yay! Taught a further four classes that day, one of which involved me taking part with light weights and another leading a 3 mile easy run. Got home at 8:30pm.


Swam in the morning and did the set I should have done on Monday. My pace was all off and I had a mini-tantrum at the poolside when I couldn't find my speed. Covered the distance though. Got a killer headache and started to ache all over as the day went on. Treated myself to the cinema (one of the perks of being active and having a Vitality Life Insurance is a free ticket each week I earn enough points) but two hours in a darkened room didn't help. Come 6:30pm, after teaching my two afternoon classes, my headache was still bad, I'd developed stomach cramps and a mild temperature so skipped track in favour of an early night. I did get my first Reading in Heels subscription box in the post though which perked me up temporarily. The Scentered balm is incredible!

So there we have it. I skipped two out of seven planned sessions which isn't ideal but life happens. I certainly couldn't have run last night but I do wish I'd made more effort to swim on Friday. Some weeks are better than others and I don't see any issue with completing the next seven days training as planned. I've not been so good at rollering and using the massage ball this week so that's another aim for next week.

Do you try and make up sessions when you miss them? Any tips on dealing with tiredness whilst training? 

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