Sunday, 12 July 2009

Supermarket Sweep

This weekend has been incredibly productive in terms of fundraising. The cheque from the Parish Magazine turned up and I managed to raise a somewhat staggering £107.81 in 3 hours outside my local supermarket on Sunday. I really didn't expect to get nearly that much but I was averaging about £1 per person, one lady gave me a fiver and even the guys refurbing the soon-to-be Costa Coffee over the road gave a couple of quid. Well they did sit drinking tea watching me just stand there all morning.

It wasn't quite as boring as you'd think but then I am quite a fan of watching the world go by and it's insightful, just how much life there is in Crowthorne on a Sunday morning. I'm not a fan of rattling collecting tins in people's faces so I just stood there and smiled a lot. Obviously did the trick! A second session is planned for a week on Saturday and I've got a couple of other supermarkets to ask too.

Didn't get out for a run or a bike ride over the weekend but started today off with a quick gym session. 22 minutes on the cross trainer and some crunches, press-ups and lunges. If I can force myself to get up an extra 15 minutes earlier I'd get a much better session in. The aim is to get back up to 20 minutes at level 5 hill programme on the cross trainer by the end of the week and get one bike ride or run in.

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  1. Hey, good to hear your fundraising is going so well - 84% complete already is impressive!

    Regarding rattling collection tins, I was under the impression that this was illegal, but a very quick google search didn't result in anything to support this thought (only some mention that it usually puts people off donating!)

    As for the training, my fave was 30 minutes on the stepper @100steps/min - great for getting the heartrate going and easy enough on the knees for me to do it whilst recovering from knee pains.