Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Little Matter of an Impeding Race

Last week I suddenly became aware of the need to start training for the Bluewater/Sweatshop 10km. It's feeling a little daunting but I know I'm capable of far greater things, I'm just a bit out of practice. So I need to take some time away from chiselling a washboard stomach in the core, swissball and abs classes and reallocate it to putting in the miles on foot.

I made a start on this today by dragging myself out of bed and doing half an hour in the gym before work. Neil recommended treadmill running to start with, and I can understand why. I ran 5km in 32 minutes and felt a bit of a pull in my right knee but not enough to stop. It's not a great time for 5km, I know I can do much better, but today was just about getting back into the rhythm of it. I didn't even have the treadmill on an incline, but I'll bring that back in next time. I used the Rocks Off Audiofuel mix with coaching today which I really enjoyed, although I found the end a bit slow. Might be time to start making my own mixes!

Mountain Biking again tomorrow I think and another early gym session on Thursday with Core class on Friday.

I'm tempted to sign up for the Thames 10km and the Boutique Run in Battersea. So many races, so little time. I have signed up for the London Marathon 2011 though so in October I'll hear whether I've got a place!

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