Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fundraising Update - November

In the past month I've managed to get to 11% of my target! I've not been harassing people very much via email, but I've raise a fair bit through cake sales at work and at the events my OH has been to with his coffee business. I've had one extremely generous donation, plus several other generous ones from colleagues at work.

I don't expect I'll be hounding people for money this side of Christmas but I will continue with the bake sales and any other little initiatives like that I can come up with. I'm still waiting on the collecting tins from the charity unfortunately :(

I'm confident there's a few more people who I've already contacted who will donate without any further prompting because I've had so many positive comments on my challenge. The combination of the five events is really making people sit up and take notice. The words "mad" and "crazy" are being used rather a lot but I was expecting that. I rather like surprising people.

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