Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Fundraising Update - February

My optimism sort of paid off... I hit and exceeded my £750 target for the month and have promises of several more donations to come.  Once again March is looking to be exceptionally busy as I was out in Paris for the first couple of days and I'm off to Chicago at the weekend but I'm sure I'll find time to hassle some peeps and run a couple of bake sales at work.

I wrote to two local supermarkets in early Feb to request a charity pitch because everything has to be in writing these days but I've not heard back yet. I did give them plenty of dates to choose from!

I finally be putting in that request for the £50 top up donation from my company so things are still looking up. I've not made any head way with asking companies for raffle prizes or anything like that but I'm considering a couple of eBay auctions to raise money instead.

At the time of writing I'm up to £880 (including the top up fund from my company) which is almost a third!

Anyone got any other ideas for raising money?

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