Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Aspire Drinks : One Week In

I've now been using Aspire for a week and it's time to give some mid-challenge feedback.

The sensation I reported on day one after taking the drink hasn't happened everyday but I have suffered from it on three further occasions, particularly when I've eaten early or lightly the night before. It's a horrible feeling, leaving me feeling dizzy, lethargic, unable to focus and exhausted, which makes me nervous of using it. Although I didn't consider myself to be sensitive to caffeine I'm clearly sensitive to something in the drink as on day one, having had my second drink at 8pm, I was wide awake until about 2am! There's a reason they suggest drinking this stuff before work outs and at breakfast and lunch as opposed to with dinner... On day two I had one at breakfast and one at lunch and felt a lot more balanced.

I've grown to enjoy the taste of the drink and don't find it too fizzy. I have definitely noticed it having an affect on my appetite. I've occasionally wanted elevenses or a snack, but not as often as I may normally do and I seem to be making healthier choices. Overall I've been taking on less calories but not felt it having a detrimental affect on my energy levels for working out (aside from the days I've felt dizzy), which was my main concern; I was slightly worried that I wouldn't be taking on enough fuel.

I've just returned from a long and slightly indulgent weekend in Bath, but when I took my measurements this morning I found I was exactly the same weight and size as I was last Monday in spite of cream teas, ice cream and alcohol. It's hard to say whether Aspire had any influence in that respect... I should be able to give a more definitive answer regarding that at the end of the week as I'll have no disruptions to my usual eating and exercise regimes.

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