Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nutrition Course Case Study - Submitted!

Yikes! There’s no going back. I’ve pressed send on the email that contains my coursework for the latest in my modules towards my Advance Diploma in Personal Training and it is hopefully winging its way to a tutor who will consider it worthy of a passing grade.

This is the 7th module of 16 that I’ve completed. There are 4 more in the diary and 5 still to arrange. Thankfully I still love it. I adore learning anyway but most importantly I find the subject matter hugely engaging and can’t quite believe that I have gained knowledge that I can pass on to others or use to help them get fitter or healthier. My mum was the client for my recent case study and I helped her to lose 5lbs and 3 inches from her waist, I'm so proud of her!

I’m still working out exactly what aspect of PT I enjoy most. The nutrition side is fascinating to me, and as you know I do love my food… and I found the circuits course to be pretty inspiring; there’s just so much you can do in a circuit, the variations are almost endless. I’m not sure if I am brave enough to run classes, I might be more of a one-on-one person, but I wouldn’t mind the chance to try and see if I can build my confidence a bit.

Once I figure out what direction I want to move in I would like to start setting myself up as a PT, website, REPs, business cards, clients… that sort of thing. I know it’s a packed market and it won’t be easy but the industry enthuses me and there’s always something new to learn about or explore. You could say the same of most industries but I’ve never felt quite so interested or invested before. I loved coding as part of my Computer Science degree but I didn’t keep it up and my day job soon took me away from opportunities to practice or apply my skills. I never really found the impetus to pick it up again but to this day I much prefer the practical and hands-on aspects of my job rather than paper-pushing.

So hopefully I’ll soon get a certificate in the post to formally show that I know stuff about nutrition and be another step closer to qualification.

Is there a skill you wish you hadn’t lost or one you’d love to learn? If money were no object, what would you do to occupy yourself?


  1. Well done, I remember doing my nutrition case study a few years ago- it felt so good working with someone to improve their health/ help them lose weight. Hope you get a good grade :-)

    1. Thanks Lucy, I'll be sure to mention the outcome :) I'm so thrilled to be learning all this.

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