Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday: Flowers and Feeling Fine

Happy Friday one and all! How have you all been? I almost published a different post today but thought I'd not written a personal one for a little while (thanks to having forgotten last week - oops).
Flowers for the house, courtesy of Anita-the-housemate
So what's been happening in my world? Working, eating, sleeping, studying, working out... repeat to fade. Thanks to the pills and potions (iron, B12, vitamin D) I'm pretty much feeling back at full strength again which is absolutely fantastic. I have continued to mark the days in my diary as red, yellow or green according to how I've been feeling and the amount of energy I've had. There have been no red days in a while. My housemate even commented that I've been a lot happier lately which I put down almost entirely to having managed to do some sort of exercise 5 or 6 days of the week. The frustration I'd previously had has simply melted away. I've also been eating well and including even more veg in my diet than usual so it's all good.
All the CV equipment to myself!
My twitter feed has been full of people in the final throes of marathon training and/or off to run in Berlin this weekend. It's hard to believe that this time last year I was also nearing the end of my marathon training. Berlin sounds fantastic though, and it's somewhere I'm really keen to visit. Getting time and money together this year is looking increasingly unlikely but I'm hatching a plan to run the Berlin half next year... In the meantime I am sending mildly envious good luck wishes to everyone out there.
Primrose in the garden
The study load feels heavier at the moment. I think I have less time now I have a housemate. Things take a little longer, there's more chat, a certain amount of planning around each other. But we get on great and generally we're a good influence on the other. Study-wise it's a case of finding an hour here or there, usually late in the evening, to cram another lesson in. How much is sticking, I'm not sure. I think I have a little more time than I think I have to complete all the lessons for my Advanced Anatomy and Physiology and Level 3 Exercise Programming and Coaching but revision needs to be accommodated for as well. It's not meant to be easy and hard work will get me there.

So that's my challenge at the moment but life is good. There are flowers and empty gyms and friends and food and that's just about all I need in life. Apart from lycra. There's so much gorgeous lycra out there at the moment and I'm coveting some, even though I have two drawers and a gym bag overflowing with kit. Oh and trainers... I'm trying to convince myself I don't need a pair of gym trainers but it's not working too well so far. All I've managed to do it tell myself "maybe next month".

So what's new with you? What's good in your life and what are you coveting?

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