Friday, 15 August 2014

Du Vin, Du Pain, Du Course à Pied

Just a flying visit from me today as I'm just back from France and shortly off on another adventure. Barely time to pick up fresh pants and I'm out the door again. Just enough time to give you a bit of a low down on what I've been up to in the last seven days.

My training looked a bit like this...
Saturday: 4 mile run with Crewroom
Sunday: Rest day
Monday: Intervals
Tuesday: 4 miles 
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: Hill reps

There are more rest days in there than I'm comfortable with but as I was on holiday and two days were taken up with travelling and another planned session had to be scrapped because I'd stupidly left my trainers outside in the rain overnight, that's just how it had to play out. I still got some quality sessions in though and I'll be doing something very energetic this weekend so I'm not feeling too hard done by.
Tiny snail on very wet trainer... the only good thing about having accidentally left them out in the rain overnight.
This was a family holiday and as such there was a certain amount of falling in line with plans. I had no objections to this at all because most of these plans involved wine tasting. We brought quite a bit back with us too!
A large proportion of time was also spent sitting in the garden having aperitifs and rather long lazy meals, as is the French way. I ate FAR more than was good for me but every bite was delicious. I also drank far more than was usual or good for me but it was a bit of a one off.
Eating strawberries and ice-cream has never felt like a chore before.
But of course I did run. I ran along the river bank, alongside fields of sweetcorn and sunflowers, passing ponies and dodging the army of slugs that seem to migrate from one side of the path to the other every day. It was absolutely wonderful.
I'm a little concerned that I might have messed up my metabolism a bit as I don't seem to be able to tell when I'm full anymore, however I'm active, still in training and will be reverting to previous eating habits right now... well, ok, by the middle of next week... I suspect this weekend will be a bit of write off and there's a special occasion next Tuesday to take into account...

But that's all for now I'm afraid. There'll be lots to catch you up on next week so enjoy your weekend, whatever you're doing, and I'll catch you next week.

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