Monday, 8 September 2014

Back To School? I Never Left!

I thought it was about time I did a bit of an update on my studies. September always brings with it that back-to-school feeling but I'm feeling it's effect less this year because I've barely stopped studying all year.

Although I'm now a newly qualified PT, I'm not done with my courses. The PT certification is just one part of a bigger diploma I'm working towards. Since I completed the Level 3 PT course I've taken (and passed) modules in Nutrition for Exercise & Sport, Pre- and Post-natal Nutrition and Marketing. I have just two modules left for the diploma, Pre- and Post-natal Exercise then GP Referral, which should be done and dusted by the end of March 2015. Outside of the diploma I'm also taking a course in Suspension Training at the beginning of December and my Leadership in Running Fitness in October. I'd had the LiRF course on my wishlist for a while but an exciting opportunity prompted me to get it booked up ASAP. All will be revealed in due course, I promise.

An even bigger land mark for me was getting my REPs application approved. That's right folks I'm now on the Register of Exercise Professionals! This definitely marks a new phase for me in my PT journey. I am looking at starting up my business proper and trying not to get overwhelmed at the prospect. Even when I've completed my formal studies I will still have so much to learnt, about business and myself. Little by little this is becoming a reality and I'm thrilled about it.
Is studying something you enjoy? Any courses on your wish list? Any advice for a fledgling PT?

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