Monday, 23 January 2017

Surrey Fitness Scene : Gravity Fit

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while may remember that I started the "fitness scene" thread of posts in response to the vast number of posts I would see elsewhere about fun exercise classes and studios that seemed to be constantly unveiled in London. I've explored so many new types of exercise in the process and had huge amounts of fun. So last year when I heard about exercise classes that took place on trampolines I had to give it a try.

It all started with me taking my partner to Gravity Force, a trampoline park in Camberley, for his birthday (big kids at heart). We both had a whale of a time! We went on a weekday afternoon and virtually had the place to ourselves. It was while we were there that we saw Gravity Fit advertised. An hours class for £7.50. We booked before we left.

So on a Monday evening we turned up, a little apprehensive, me in my most supportive sports bra, ready to have some fun and break a sweat. The class reminded me a little of the Les Mills style of class, different routines set to music. We started with some warm up tracks and got familiar with the mix of yoga, tai chi, boxing and general aerobics. There were people of all shapes and sizes there but only one man, my partner - bless him. There was a fair amount of choreography involved but you were so focussed on your own movements that it mattered little if you were keeping up. We certainly felt as though we'd had a good workout, although in a very different way to the sorts of things we usually do. I didn't feel worked in the same way as if I'd been running, for example. And boy did we ache the next day!
Stretching after class
I've been to a general trampoline session before, and to rebound classes at the gym, but this was entirely different, partly because the trampolines were so much bigger. We've been to a few classes now and expect we'll drop in whenever we want a bit of a change. £7.50 for a class may seem expensive compared to regular gym classes but when you consider that a freestyle session costs £10 an hour, it's great value.

I was back at Gravity Force yesterday, taking my friend's 16 year-old for a freestyle session and we did eye up Gravity Fit again...

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