Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Got My Mojo Working

About a month ago I wrote about my training going to pot and thought it was about time I gave a bit of an update on life and training. Life has been busy. I'm planning new classes, keeping on top of my current ones, had a bunch of social engagements and have been starting to stress about the little bits and pieces still to do for our wedding. Basically I've been the little things get on top of me. And training is still not really happening. Or rather I know what I want to do and how to get there, but not really finding the motivation to get up and do something about it.

We've not got many events left in the diary this year, only three to speak of which are the Tolkien Run (6 hour time challenge), the Eden Project Half Marathon and of course the Costa Rica Marathon. Following Jersey I'm confident I've got a marathon in my legs, provided I still drag myself out for a run every now and again and I've not got any definitive goals other than completing these which doesn't help with motivating me to get out and run. It's been all too easy to put training to the bottom of the To Do pile. But it's now just 10 weeks until the wedding, and I'd like to feel a bit better about myself but even that occasion hasn't resulted in me doing a Metafit at home or going out for a run with Dean of an evening. I've been running with my run group, doing a weights session, Body Balance and Body Combat once a week but it's not enough.
Out for a run with the girls in the forest
So I had a conversation with Ellie of Barnes Fitness about some coaching. Primarily this is for next year's events but we're going to start with a plan from September to keep me on track for this year's events and build the solid base from which to start in January. When we met we talked about what my goals were, where I am at the moment and what time I realistically had for training. We sketched out a rough schedule which includes going to track sessions on a Wednesday and swim sessions on a Friday. I could be going to these already but I don't for no other reason than I can't be bothered. But with someone telling me to go, I know I will. It's it funny, how the mind works. Being accountable to someone else, having someone gee me along, is going to make such a big difference and frankly I can't wait to get started and focus my mind again.
During a short-lived phase when I had some focus
Next year I'm going to be running the Brighton Marathon with Dean and my goal is to run it in 4h30 (previous time 4h42). Dean entered me into the Outlaw Half Triathlon next year as a birthday gift and I'd like to improve on my 113 Triathlon time from this year, hopefully completing in 6h30. I also have a larger project in mind, for completion, which I'm keeping under wraps for the moment. But I intend to dedicate all of these events to the Anthony Nolan charity and raise some money for them. I should have my charity vest arriving soon which will get it's first outing at Eden, with any luck!
Coaching is something I've had before, with good results. Although I'm perfectly capable of putting together a training plan for myself, I'm not a triathlon coach and as I'm also struggling to find the motivation to follow a plan at the moment, this seems to be the solution. I may finally have found a way to get my mojo working. I'll let you know how I get on!

Have you had coaching before? Do you think it's worth the money? Or are you very self motivated? Have you had occasions where you felt you should have been more motivated but weren't?

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