Friday, 13 October 2017

The Swan May Look Serene...

The last week FLEW by. I've felt as though I've been chasing my tail for most of the week and I expect it's going to feel like this for the next three weeks in the lead up to the wedding! If you've seen me looking like I've got it all together, rest assured I'm actually like the swan, frantically paddling under the surface!

We had a rare Saturday almost completely free of plans. My scheduled training was park run, with run commute to and from, but I was out on Saturday night, in heels and despite being able to run for miles without getting a blister, a few hours in high heels and I had a rather sizeable hole in my big toe so we forwent the alarm and instead spent the day failing to find anywhere to have brunch, shopping in the new Bracknell town centre, having our final meeting with the wedding venue and having an early dinner at one of our favourite restaurants.
On Sunday we were both up at a fairly civilised time to help out at the RARE run with Barnes Fitness. I always enjoy being on the "other side" at Ellie's events and this was no exception despite being swamped on the registration desk with families wanting to take part in the fun run. Sunday afternoon is the last time I remember relaxing...
My Monday morning post-swim breakfast
Monday passed me by in a blur of swim training and teaching, interspersed with lunch out with my folks at the restaurant I'm planning to go with my mum and bridesmaids the day before the wedding. They've just revamped their decor and menu and it didn't disappoint!
It was an early start on Tuesday for a running consultation with a new client who has a place in the London Marathon next year, immediately followed by my own training run and the usual teaching hours. A quick dash home for my wedding haircut and up to London to see Lady Antebellum at the O2 with mum. It was gone midnight before I got to bed but again it was up early on Wednesday for a 5k virtual Prosecco Run around the local park with mum (no alcohol was involved). She got a new PB and we're now awaiting our medals through the post with baited breath.
Alcohol the night before at the O2
After the run, it was a race around the M25 to get back for classes and track session with Bracknell Forest Runners. With 5k already under my belt and the drizzle setting in I really didn't feel like going, especially as Dean wasn't feeling up to it but I showed up and got through the Fox and Hounds session with Cathy nattering by my side. The heavens opened just as we started our stretches - groans and whinging all round.
The only fizz was printed on our t-shirts
Although it wasn't quite such an early start on Thursday I spent a couple of hours in the morning trying to catch up on emails and admin before my final dress fitting. Im not used to wearing structured clothing so it felt a little firmer than I was expecting but thankfully the more time I spent in it, the more comfortable it felt. That said I'm now feeling extremely conscious of what I'm eating and drinking as I am terrified of putting on any weight! I managed a quick trip into town after the fitting to get an outfit for the murder mystery part of my hen do which is next weekend. I still don't know everything that's in store for me but I've been told to bring gym kit so it bodes well. Despite it being a rest day I had a run with a client scheduled for the afternoon plus other PT sessions and classes but a relatively early finish and finally a chance to spend some quality time with Dean.

As you read this we're on the road to Cornwall for the weekend, to run the Eden Project Half Marathon on Sunday. It's been on my wish list for ages and I'll be trying out my Anthony Nolan running vest. I'll be raising money for the charity via my events next year and I'll be writing more about that in my event review next week. I should have been going to Tri Club swim session tonight but instead I swam before teaching this morning and am relaxing in the passenger seat as Dean navigates the traffic.

So although it's been a busy week, it's been fun, varied and exciting. I'm not feeling drained as I have done in previous weeks and although next week looks to be similarly busy, I'm looking forward to it. I think I'm running a little on adrenalin but that's ok... for now.

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