Wednesday, 14 February 2018

What's In My Swim Bag

Swimming doesn't come easy for me. I really have to work at it. I still get freaked out if there are too many people in the pool, get worried that I'm holding people up (there fore swim faster and knacker myself out) and feel like I only ever have one pace.

I'm going to the pool twice a week these days, either to my Tri Club coached session or to the leisure centre to do a set dictated by my coach. Gone are the days where I just went to the pool and ploughed up and down until I'd covered a distance or time I had in mind.

As I'm getting more focussed, so my swim kit has expended a little. Here are the basics that I have in my swim bag most days.

  1. Costume - The all important swimming costume. My first swim suit (Speedo) was from Decathlon. My second from Speedo directly. Both were funky but they are wearing out and I decided to treat myself to something a little different. This one is by HUUB and you can find it here
  2. Cap - A cap keeps my head warmer and my hair out of my eyes. I've collected many swim caps over the years but it's nice not to wear a race branded one sometimes. I won't be able to wear this open water swimming (you need to be visible) so I'm making the most of this swim cap in the pool for now. I love a sugar skull! Find it at Decathlon.
  3. Goggles - I can't do a proper swim set without goggles and I finally found some that seem to fit me. Bonus is they were only £10! Find these Lomo goggles here.
  4. Antifog Spray - Despite my goggles fitting they still get steamed up. That was until I tried this Anti-Fog spray from Muc-Off. Now my vision is clear for the whole set!
  5. Ring Protector - Rather than take my rings off and risk losing them, or worry about them falling off in the pool, I invested in this ring protector from Amphibia, which keeps my rings in place and protected during my swim.
  6. Towel - Normal towels can be a bit bulky so I got an XL microfibre towel just for swimming. Plenty big enough to wrap up in, quick drying and cheap! Find other colours and sizes at Decathlon.
  7. Waterproof phone case - I get my sets via Training Peaks. I have an app on my phone so I bring it poolside to remind me what I'm meant to be doing. Some of those sets are long and complicated! I got this waterproof phone case years ago and I don't think they're available to buy but it's by the sports brand Ashmei.
I also have a variety of training aids that I've built up over a few months. I take them to every Tri Club session and some pool sessions depending on the set.

  1. Pull buoy - for isolating the arms and helping lift the legs.
  2. Fins - for improving kicks.
  3. Paddles - for improving the pull with the arms.

What do you have in your swim kit? Anything you consider vital that I'm missing?