Friday, 29 June 2018

So... What Now?

In the words of Dusty Springfield, I just don't know what to do with myself. It's been almost two weeks now, since Lakesman and I've only realised this week just how much of my time it took up.

Immediately after the event, Dean and I took a three-night break at Champneys Springs, using one of our Vitality perks for a 75% discount (well we had been extremely active and earned those points after all). We thoroughly enjoyed not having to do very much at all. Aside from eating three wonderful meals a day that we didn't have to prepare (buffets are a god-send for post endurance event appetites) we lounged, had two thalassotherapy treatments, paddled around in the pool and went for a leisurely walk. I did two classes, yoga and stretch, while Dean did a couple of recovery runs on the treadmill. All very lovely.
We were both back to work on Friday, showing off our medals to anyone who showed a passing interest and my dad came up for a father-daughter luncheon. It was our weekend with the children so as well as helping out at the Twyford Kids Triathlon we took them to Junior parkrun, something I'm delighted that they seem to be enjoying. Dean held the fort so I could go out on Saturday night to see Strictly Ballroom in London with my mum during which time I developed a blister from my shoes. I get more blisters from nights out than I do from sports these days! So it was a kinda nice-but-busy weekend.
This week though, despite being back into a full teaching timetable, there's been something missing... training!! I was training between 10-14 hours a week fitting it in before, between and after classes, and now, suddenly, I'm not. It feels odd! But quite rightly my body needs time to rest and recover. Whilst it's easy to underestimate the amount of recovery time we need to take after an event there's also a fine line between taking enough rest and just never quite getting started again. I don't want to stop entirely (and indeed I can't, for reasons I'll share next time) but I'm in no hurry to go back to those sorts of volumes. So for now I now have large chunks of time that I am trying to fill.
I've done a LOT of laundry, started looking after the garden again, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen (things that got a little neglected pre-Lakesman), washed the car BY HAND, got back into reading and started listening to podcasts (Free Weekly Timed and In The Moment are my faves right now). The list of Things I've Been Meaning To Do is being whittled away. There's a strong chance that Dean and I will actually get to take that dance class, climbing course, theatre trip and scuba lesson we've been meaning to since we got married. Yoga classes, crafting, jigsaws, bubble baths and all those other things I'd been promising myself I'd make more time for will have a chance to feature and I can spend more time on building my business. The idea of being able to go for a ride with a friend because I want to, with no prescribed distance or time to adhere to, fills me with joy!
In fact it's being able to exercise for the love of it that is making me happiest at the moment. I started the Summer Series at Fit2Run this week, taking three ladies for some intervals in the forest. Joy! I went to a yoga class yesterday. Bliss! I will probably go to the lake tonight, just to swim a couple of short loops, as slow as I like, maybe just in a swimsuit if it's warm enough. Yes! I'm running two 10k's this weekend, for fun, for the bling, for the social aspect. It certainly won't be for time given the hot weather. Do I care? Do I heck!
And even food is more enjoyable now, can you believe? Worried that I'd continue to eat as though I was still training and put on weight, I consulted my tri club and have been reducing carbs, having protein based snacks and lots and lots of fruit and vegetables. Being so hot it's no hardship to be eating gorgeous salads. Humus and crudités seems to be a new favourite lunch. I'm indulging in seasonal cherries, apricots, mini cucumbers and radishes. I've had nut butter twice since Lakesman, whereas before it was a daily staple.

So life is a bit different post-Lakesman. And I'm loving it. Even if I sing Dusty Springfield lyrics more often than ever before. Now, where did I put that bath essence...?

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