Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Brecon Beacons

Things have tailed off a little in the last couple of weeks, mostly due to study. Only managed two exercise sessions last week and nothing so far this week. That's soon to change though. I've got the day off work tomorrow so I might start out with a run or a bike ride/swim and then on Friday night I'm headed to Brecon to spend the weekend camping and walking. I'm sure Pen Y Fan is not quite as challenging as Snowdon but I will be doing two days of walking in a row which is good practice in itself.

Next week, once the assignment is in, I'll be back to at least 3 exercise sessions a week. I know I'm addicted because I really miss not doing it. I find myself standing with my hand on my bike saddle, wanting to jump on and ride off when I need to be studying instead. Maybe that's just escapism rather than a desire to get fit ;)

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