Monday, 3 August 2009


This weekend just gone I climbed Snowdon. Shruti and I were meant to do it together but she came down with something and was told not to do anything strenuous for about a fortnight. So having got my brand new OS map, map case and emergency bag but not feeling brave enough to go alone I asked my friend Phil if he would be interested and able to join. Thankfully he said yes and even invited another friend of his to join us. More the merrier!

We drove up toLlanberis on Saturday and camped overnight. The campsite was fine but if/when we go back I think we might try out the Snowdon Cottage B&B which was highly rated. Had a fabulous breakfast at Pete's Eats (who also do accomodation - might be worth trying out) and set off around 9:30 on the Sunday morning.

I was loaded up pretty much as I would be for Kili, taking the opportunity to try out Lucozade energy bars and fruit bars as well as my merino top. I meant to try out the Lucozade energy gels but I managed to leave them at home. A cyclist friend of mine shared his "Super Flapjacks" recipe with me last year but I didn't get time to make any for this trip. They're totally amazing, full of good stuff and not to be given to children unless you're about to hand them back to their parents and you're feeling mischievous :) He recommended Torq gels Mule bars so I'll try those out at somepoint. He actually gave me a Torq gel to try out as an early birthday present today :) I've heard that Nakd bars are pretty good too.

We made way better time on the mountain tan I thought we would. Although Llanberis is billed as the longest but easiest route it still gave me a bit of a test. The scenery was amazing and changed every few minutes as did the weather. Made it to the misty summit and bought a badge to prove it. Looking forward to doing it again, maybe trying a different route. I got no blisters or sore patches on my feet and the merino top did it's stuff keeping me cool, dry and comfortable.. and smelling fresh! One thing I did learn was that I need to adjust the straps on my rucksack so they don't rub. Other than that it was great.

Only feel a bit tired today because of the 5 hour drive home. And I'm certainly not wearing high heels today! Photos to follow...

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