Monday, 30 November 2009

More New Kit (how much does a girl need?)

Finally got my new winter running kit last week which consisted of black running tights and a bright pink longsleeved top with reflective bits, plus matching gloves and beanie. I took them out for a trial on Saturday in the wind, just for a half hour or so, and am glad to report that they kept me toasty warm and made me feel very conspicuous, both of which they were meant to do so that was good. Running in the wind was hard work though.

I've also got my new Berhaus waterproof jacket with "interactive" fleece which is really just as much for life in Wales as for Kili. Yet to give it an outing but I'm sure it'll start bucketing down again in Wales this week and I'm planning a walk at the weekend so that'll be a good trial too. I decided to order a down jacket too, mainly due to a nice 20% discount offer at my favourite store, Howies. It arrived at my parents today so I'll get that at the weekend. I may decide to send it back but it was too good an offer to miss out on.

All my jabs are now booked up for next Friday but there seems to be some sort of issue with my Visa which I need to sort out... And I want to sort out all my kit and weigh it soon, just to reassure myself I'm not over doing things. Which I undoubtedly am.

Gym session tonight! And at least twice more this week. At least.

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