Thursday, 7 February 2013

Fundraising Update - January

This post is a little overdue I'm afraid but as you'll know, things have been very busy around here lately!

I've now raised over £550 (excluding gift aid), that's about 18% of my target. Not too bad at all. I've not done much apart from email my colleagues again but I'm going to try and do a big drive and another bake sale in the coming month. I'd love to get to £750 before Paris but I think that's optimistic, especially as I've no time to stand outside supermarkets at the moment. Dad's going to publicise it on his internet radio show, I'm going to try and drum up some support on twitter and ask my Aunt to put some posters up in her office.

I'm trying to get some advice from a friend on how to approach businesses for sponsorship or prizes as I'd love to hold a raffle and also a sweepstake so people can guess my time for the London marathon. I think I'll set that up after Paris and get some tin-shaking dates in the diary too.

Any suggestions on other ways to raise some money would be really welcome.

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