Monday, 11 February 2013

Holidays are no excuse

This week’s training: 16 miles, Body Pump, Spin

The past week was less intense than the one before as I am currently in Suffolk enjoying a long-awaited holiday with my boyfriend and two of our very good friends. We’ve been here since Friday and it's been absolute bliss. The cottage is gorgeous, with four bedrooms, two living areas with open fireplaces and a big kitchen diner. The view is of heathland and the beach is two minutes walk away. 

The running kit has come with me, on advice from Andrew, my marathon mentor at running club, and I’ve enjoyed a 6 mile run in brand new surroundings already. It's been incredibly windy here so my run was hard work but the forest surroundings make up for it a bit. It's tricky to work out a route in new places so there's a certain amount of guess work but so far, so good. In addition we've already been on one 6.5 mile beach walk (we only intended to be out for an hour) and I expect there to be at least one more long walk in the coming week to keep the fitness up. My legs ache more than usual so I must be doing something right!

In the days before we left I fitted in a Body pump class where I upped my weights on three tracks and spin class number two in which I felt frustrated because I can't combine fast legs and any meaningful resistance. I'm guessing resistance is preferable to speed so I'll try harder next time. No club run for me this week as I run early that evening to give myself more time for holiday prep but a really brilliant lunch time run on Tuesday hat left me feeling zingy for the rest of the day.

I'm booking in my classes for when I get home and I've got a 14 miler to look forward to next weekend... yikes!

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