Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lighter Schedule

This week's training: Body Balance, 2 x swim (550m & 650), 2 x cycle (35 mins & 50 mins)

It's been a very strange week. On Monday I ached quite a lot, but nothing a full body massage couldn't help with. I didn't do anything that day, for obvious reasons, except get over excited about my new VLM 2013 branded sports kit and hoover up all food I could find. Tuesday I was feeling almost normal again and felt jealous that my housemate and friend were going out for a forest run in the evening sunshine. I could tell I wasn't ready for that though. I started tracking my calorie intake again to try and ensure I'm not overeating post-marathon. Easier said than done to not let my appetite get out of hand after allowing myself to eat anything and everything for a few days. I've totally overdone it this weekend.

Wednesday I spent the entire day feeling very fidgety and frustrated. I lusted over brightly coloured trainers, browsed the Bournemouth Marathon Festival website with intent and yearned to be outside. I only just managed to persuade myself not to sign up to the Bournemouth Marathon by reasoning that this might just be marathon fever. There's been no sign of the depression may people say kicks in after a marathon, possibly because I still have plenty of running/fitness goals as well as a house move on the horizon. I did an easy 35 minutes on the bike in the gym and a Body Balance class in the evening (wearing my new VLM branded kit). I was signed up for Body Pump but I was a) too chilled after meditation and b) worried my knees weren't quite ready.

Swimming seems to be the only thing I'm capable of getting up early for which is just as well as I was in the pool at 6:45 on Thursday morning. I love how a morning swim leaves me feeling for the rest of the day. Maybe front crawl lessons are on the horizon if I keep enjoying it.The rest of the day featured hitting the F5 button with increasing frustration trying, and eventually succeeding, to get a place in The National Lottery Anniversary Run. I've also signed mum up (with her permission)! By Friday I was almost back to full training mode again with 50 mins on the bike and a swim. And I really enjoyed it.

No running this week, which has left my schedule a little emptier... in fact it's looking a lot sparser from here as I'm running much shorter distances and halving my strength training. Maybe I will feel at a loss! But it gives me time to do other things in life, like packing up the house, maybe reading or seeing a friend or two. In fact I've taken advantage of my lighter schedule already by visiting friends in Wales this weekend.

Tough Mudder next weekend! Got my instructions yesterday which I've not had a chance to look at in earnest yet... it will NOT be fun.

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