Wednesday, 24 April 2013

So, what now?

Well it's been quite easy to forget that the marathon was only the second of my five charity events and I still have three to go. 

I've got just two weeks until the brutality of Tough Mudder and I've no idea if I'm ready. It's a completely unknown quantity. I've done muddy trail runs of similar distance before but not with obstacles thrown in so I've no idea how tired I'll get. I have built up a good deal of endurance with marathon training and I'm stronger since doing Body Pump twice a week but crikey, I'm envisaging being a complete wreck after this.

In the more immediate post-marathon world I have a whole week of training that doesn't feature any running. Instead I will be swimming, cycling, doing pump classes and hopefully a Body Balance/Yoga session. I predict that I will miss it.

This does somehow count as R&R. I need to look after myself now and let my body recover. Muscles need to be stretched and eased back into life. My feet need some care and attention. And I need to feed my body. Lots of good-for-me food after the couple of days indulgence of eating anything I fancied (that was bliss). I've treated myself and been treated to some new sports kit (marathon branded, natch) and shown off the medal so now, fully inspired, it's time to get back to work and build up to attack Tough Mudder... RARGH!!

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