Monday, 13 October 2014

A Day In The Life Of Vikki

I've recently enjoyed a few "day in the life" posts on other blogs and I often get asked how I fit everything I do into a standard day so I thought I'd share my own "day in the life" with you today.

0705 - The alarm goes off. I prise my eyes open and read TimeHop and Twitter to wake my brain up then roll myself out of bed for the morning ablutions.

0730 - Breakfast. My favourite meal of the day. Usually granola and fruit with yogurt almost always eaten at the table looking out at the squirrels and birds but occasionally sitting outside in the sunshine, confusing my neighbours (why is she sitting in her front garden?). I grab my lunch from the fridge and am out the door by 8am.

0830 - At my desk and logging on. I procrastinate by making tea and checking twitter then get down to my day job. Although my job title would suggest grander things it seems to mostly involve administrating SharePoint, conjuring up reports, chasing purchase orders and resource requests... general excel wrangling.

1100 - If I'm especially hungry (most days) or remarkably bored I'll have elevenses and have a social media break.

1230 - Lunchtime! Second favourite meal of the day. I'm very bad at being sociable at work so generally I'll find somewhere to read or I'll go for a run.

1400 - In a bid to prolong the lunchtime feeling I'll make more tea. Calls and meetings usually fill the afternoons and I'm kept comfortably busy.

1530 - My friend Tim stops by my desk for a chat and we disturb everyone sitting nearby by giggling like a couple of school kids. He's also into health & fitness stuff so we'll talk PBs, diet, hopes and dreams.

1700 - I try to leave the office promptly everyday, and unless I'm stopping in to see my Godson or visiting the allotment I'll be home by 20 past. Bliss!

1720 - First thing's first... PT session, a run or a gym class is the first port of call, then I have a whole evening to play with!

1900 - I'll make lunch for tomorrow whilst dinner's on the go then watch an episode of whatever box set I'm currently into. If it's a study night the radio goes on, otherwise it's often another episode of box set whilst I blog or sew (another little talked-of hobby of mine).

2230 - My kit bag gets prepped for the next day, I do the meditation I didn't find time to do earlier in the day and finally turn in with a book. I've done a little of almost everything I enjoy and am already planning what to eat for breakfast in the morning...

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