Monday, 31 August 2015

Vik's Picks : August 2015

The end of another month and another round up of the things that have been my favourites for one reason or another.
  1. I tried Skyr for the first time when I was out in Iceland on holiday earlier this year. It's a thick, protein rich yogurt that is incredibly popular out there but really only just entering the mainstream in the UK. It's been on offer in various stores and I've tried all the flavours on offer. The strawberry is pretty great but the honey variety has become my firm favourite. It's great as a snack, as a side to pancakes or desserts and with fruit compote for breakfast. My favourite combo has been with orange and ginger roasted rhubarb and flaked almonds.
  2. I was determined to make some more recipes from the Skinny French Kitchen cookbook I own this month and have succeeded in doing so! Parsley and pomegranate cous cous was a delicious lunch, a goats cheese salad a treat of a dinner and baked eggs a comforting late supper. All the recipes are low cal and relatively easy to make. More inspiration to come I think.
  3. A wonderful friend of mine bought me a long-coveted ashmei vest as a "starting your new career" present. This super soft merino and carbon top is a joy to run in and my top choice of top when I don't have to be in branded kit for work. Certainly smart enough to wear even when I'm not working out too!
  4. As part of Tesco's Orchard scheme I was able to try Bioglan's Cacao & Flax from the super foods range, for free! I've never really delved into these sorts of things before but I will definitely buy this again, and maybe try something else from the range. I'm sure there are lots of specific health benefits (I've not read up on it) but on a basic level I've enjoyed using this in smoothies, pancakes, porridge and granola to add a chocolate hit and enhance the fruity flavours of anything else in the mix. Big thumbs up and recipes to be shared!
  5. The latest toy I've introduced my RunFitUk group to has been a Reaction Belt. A reaction belt is used to help develop speed and agility. I use it with my group in pairs in a shadow game where one person tries to get far enough away to break the velcro connection and the other has to try to stay close enough for that not to happen. This belt from Adidas comes with three lengths of velcro strapping and two adjustable belts, giving me lots of options for coming up with new games.
Have you tried any of these type of superfood products? Any recipe ideas for me? What's your favourite piece of kit at the moment?

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