Friday, 29 January 2016

Vik's Picks : January 2016

What with Christmas and the January sales there are no shortage of cool, nifty, trendy or useful items around at the moment. So it's been quite hard to choose my picks for this month but here goes!

  1. I don't go clothes shopping very much, at least not to physical shops, but a post-Christmas trip to Bluewater was made and I discovered the store Forever 21 and their line of activewear. I was pretty smitten, taking armfuls into the changing room, and settled on three pairs of leggings including this ombre pair. It's reasonably priced and was a good fit for me. 
  2. My recent foray into ice and snow running has necessitated the purchase of grips for my trainers. Some of my fellow runners used yak tracks but I plumped for these Due North everyday ice and snow grips which I was really pleased with. I found them for around £11 on eBay and they've stood up well to 3 days of walking and running on snow, ice and pavements.
  3. We all know about buffs but I didn't realise that they also did "normal" head gear like this snazzy bobble hat. This was a Christmas present and has already been worn a lot. It boasts a fleecy band on the inside to keep your ears extra toasty. Maybe a good one for swimmers!
  4. After the excess of cake and chocolate over Christmas, healthy snacks are FIRMLY back on the menu. Aldi are stocking these Kallo quinoa & seed multigrain cakes at the moment and one of these with some nut butter makes a very sustaining snack. My new go-to afternoon pick-me-up.
  5. The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, has had a lot of publicity recently and while, as a vegetarian, buying his book isn't worthwhile for me, his YouTube channel is great for some quick HIIT workouts to help you fit in some movement when you're pushed for time or just don't want to go outside. Thing that I really love about his videos is that he does them with you in real time, getting out of breath and working hard right alongside you. It's made it even easier for me to move my body every day.
Was there anything you got for Christmas or in the sales that you'd recommend to others?

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