Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Berkshire Fitness Scene : Clubbercise

I'm still on the look out for new and interesting classes in the local area as I can't believe that London has all the fun. Clubbercise isn't necessarily that new but it's new to me and classes have only recently started in my immediately local area so I was delighted to have the chance to go along one Friday night and try it out.

"But what is Clubbercise?" I hear you cry... Well it's a dance-style aerobics class featuring easy-to-follow routines involving glow sticks to club set to dance music from the 90's to date, in a darkened room with disco lights. It's quite the experience. You don't need to be able to dance to take part, just about anyone can take part and because it's dark, if you do happen to make a mistake, it's unlikely to be noticed.

I arrived for my class quite early and saw a bit of what went in to setting up. I also got to have cuddles with a cat that had found it's way into the school hall. From the way it seemed completely unfazed by the class to the extent that it was rubbing around the instructor's legs on stage, I reckon it belonged to the school.
Cool for cats
Quite a crowd of ladies gathered for the class of all ages, abilities and in varying degrees of bright lycra. It was a really friendly atmosphere and it felt a bit like a girl's night out. Our instructor took to the stage and the music started. Instructors get some say in the music they select and it was gratifyingly 90's all the way; Can't Touch This, Ecuador... it was a real blast from the past and I found enough breath to sing along. The tracks roll into each other so you get very little rest, just two real pauses to get a drink and have a breather. The routines start with the very basic moves and build up in intensity so you can choose how much energy you want to give and how much you want to jump around. I went in all guns blazing I'm afraid, as I love this style of class and have a little bit of background in dance.
If you're expecting to learn a routine, then you would be a little disappointed. There are steps, but it's more along the lines of Zumba, where you pick it up as you go, following the instructor, rather than being given lots of verbal cues and having it broken down a lot. But go in with the right sort of expectation, a positive attitude and a willingness to have fun with it and you'll be just fine.

My local class cost £6 plus in initial extra investment of £4 for a pair of official multi-setting, battery operated glowsticks which are compulsory for the class. They'll last you around four 45 minute classes and replacement batteries are quite cheap so I didn't feel it was a big price to pay. I really enjoyed the class and although I know I won't be able to go every week, it's something I will make the effort to do when I can. It's completely different to training, lighthearted and FUN!
Have you tried a Clubbercise class? Got a favourite track? 

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