Monday, 18 April 2016

Event Review : Gung-Ho!

There's one event I did last year that I didn't write about at the time, Gung-Ho. I wasn't in possession of my phone on the day and took no photos and never managed to get them from those who had so put it off but just the other day someone was asking me about my experience and as the event is being advertised again I thought it was worth still putting my review out there.
Event credit: Gung-Ho!
We've had muddy runs, obstacle course races, colour runs and glow runs. The newest kid on the block is Gung-Ho, a 5km event featuring inflatable obstacles! Family friendly, un-timed and good for groups, its something anyone could have a go at and have a giggle with. Indeed that's how I took part, as a group of trainers and trainees from Box Bell Fit. A motley crew of all shapes, sizes and running ability, we made up a good proportion of our wave!

The event was held on Windsor race course, billed as "West London". There was plenty of parking, all be it at £5 per car, and a lot of space for the inflatables and course. When entering you could chose a wave to be part of. There were several of these going throughout the day and they seemed to be pretty on track. There was a race village with a merchandise stall and plenty of food trucks, all keen to separate us from out cash. Indeed for an additional fee you could buy an all-day pass, enabling you to go around the course as many times as you liked.

The course started with an inflatable ramp that you had to get up and over. There were around ten obstacles on the course ranging from slides to walls, foam pits and a huge bounce castle type affair that was the cause of much hilarity as we bounced like ribena berries around the place! While the obstacles were great fun, ad despite the best efforts of the organisers there were still some queues to get onto them. And I will confess I was somewhat disappointed with the course itself, being marked out with cones and involving a lot of zig-zagging back and forth. It got quite boring, especially when you could see the next obstacle a stones through away. But on some obstacles we were allowed to go through twice, to take our time and fun was had by all. It certainly made a different being part of a group and I still treated myself to a post-run ice cream cone.
Event credit: Gung-Ho!
Entry fees started at around £35, which got you a cotton t-shirt and headband. The website called out that the entry fee also got you a race bib, which I found odd because you weren't timed and all races should include that, and free entry for spectators, which I would expect (Tough Mudder... I'm looking at you). For a 5k event, even one that's a bit different and requires quite a significant staffing level, I found that to be on the expensive side, especially as parking was extra and the food trucks charged according to the fact they had a captive market.
Event credit: Gung-Ho!
I'm glad I gave it a try, not least for the camaraderie, but I like trying events that are a bit different. However I wouldn't necessarily recommend it or partake again.

Did you do Gung-Ho! last year, or are you thinking about doing it this year? If you've already done one, did you enjoy it and would you do it again?

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