Monday, 4 April 2016

Post-Workout Snacks

Food! My favourite subject. I run to eat and I eat to run (other exercises also feature). I have my tried-and-tested pre-long run or race breakfast of choice which consists of a coffee and either overnight oats or porridge with banana and nut butter. And as I've learnt through some rather scary, wobbly experiences, post-exercise fuelling is also vital.

My go-to replenisher for post long runs is a chocolate protein shake or milk. It's easy to consume if I can't face real food and has a great carbs to protein ratio. A ratio of 3:1 carb to protein ratio is favoured for lean muscle mass and endurance work and it's important to get this in fairly quickly to optimise recovery. I also turn to things like protein bars, nakd bars, nut butter on rice cakes and the odd cheese sandwich as sometimes I need something savoury after the sweetness of energy gels. 

American company have sent me this cute infographic with a few more suggestions for post-workout snacks. I think I may try edame beans sometime as a recovery snack as I love them anyway. Nuts have an overwhelming selection of foods including healthy snacks and high-protein snacks and do ship to the UK but it's worth checking out your local stores for interesting snacks too. Lidl and Aldi, for instance, often have good value nuts and seeds for making your own trail mix, and Holland & Barrett have some great new snack lines. Companies such as The Protein Works or MyProtein have great deals on whey protein, bars and nut butters. It's personal preference but great to get more inspiration than the standard post-race banana!

What's your post-workout snack of choice? 

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