Friday, 13 May 2016

Beltane, Bruce, Beach, Bostocks and Burgers

Not content with just one break, 48 hours after returning from Cornwall I set off for Edinburgh to visit a friend. The theme of good food and relaxation continued, with a few more dog walks and a bit less swimming. Ok, no swimming - although we did go to the beach.
About 10 minutes before it hailed...
The trip had been organised around the Beltane Fire Festival to mark the start of Spring but there was also a long list of food and drink I was to try whilst I was visiting. Somehow we managed to tick most things off the list!
We sampled inventive ice cream flavours from Mary's Milk Bar and donuts from 12 Triangles, had vegan haggis burgers for breakfast at Holyrood 9A, wonderful tatty scone wraps from Scoff at the food market and the best (vegan) chilli I've ever had from the Union of Genius at the Fire Festival. Oh not forgetting an amazing caramel banana bostock for breakfast on my way to the airport on my last morning. And that's not even everything!
Bruce also enjoyed the food market
I won't lie, I didn't do nearly enough activity to justify all this great food (or the cocktails) but it was wonderful. Early morning dog walks were a revelation. It was so peaceful and good to get my steps off to a good start so early on in the day. Bruce really enjoys walking, almost as much as he enjoys taking the bus... he does like to try and get on almost every single one we pass, and we were kind and let him travel on a few. It was good to discover how many eateries were dog-friendly in Edinburgh, and bars, for that matter.
Tried most of these. Figuette About It was my favourite.
The Fire Festival was on the Saturday night. We'd been really looking forward to it and got there in good time to explore the site on top of Calton Hill. Fairy rings of illuminated mushrooms, dancers painted and in costume, people from all walks of life, gathered to celebrate Spring. It was quite the spectacle as dusk fell. However once the parade started we soon found it hard to see anything on the dancing and soon took ourselves off towards home, happy that we;d experienced it at least. Then we found a group of nearly-nude drummers, painted red. THIS was what I'd been told the festival was renowned for! We hung around to listen to them a while, enthralled and slightly tipsy on the urn bru and whisky we'd been sipping, before catching the bus home. Somehow we managed to refrain from buying more chilli.
Vegan chilli - best chilli I've ever had.
So it was a very easy week in terms of activity. I did a lot more walking than is recorded below, but I didn't track all the dog walks so this is just a portion. I travelled home on Tuesday and came back to a really busy 48 hours but things have settled down again and I'm back into training and business as usual. There's no doubt that the break has done me the world of good, though. I'm looking forward to my mini spa break in July now!

A sample of my activity during my time in Edinburgh and when I returned home is below:
Saturday: 4mile walk
Sunday: 3 mile walk
Monday: 3.8 mile walk
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: 4.6 mile run
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: 10 mile run

If you have a dog, do you find you're generally more active?

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