Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fueled by Audio

Some time ago The Times did an offer where by you could download two music tracks from a company called AudioFuel for free. These tracks are designed to help you in your running, whether outside or on the treadmill in the gym. They come in two main flavours, pure - just music, and coaching - with some added spoken instructions to help you find the pace and to motivate you. I think the free ones were one of each. I downloaded them and promptly forgot about them.

The other day I got an email from one of the many newsletters I'm signed up to. Can't remember if it was the London Marathon one, Reading Half, or even the AudioFuel one itself. Anyway it mentioned the addition of some new tracks and a survey, which if completed would give me £20 to spend on music. Always keen to take advantage of a useful bargain or freebie I completed the survey and have downloaded my £20 of music. For me this meant one 60min Pure compilation and one 40min Coaching compilation. I've listened to both and they are awesome. I used the free tracks in the gym last night and really enjoyed working out to them. The music is original, the coaching subtle and finally I have a solid block of music that's the right tempo.

They have quite a lot of different compilations, in different intensities and lengths and you can make up your own if you like. Yes you could get some gadget to analyse your own music for BPM but I've not found anything that does it well yet. In the mean time this is a great quick fix. I've been listening to the tracks at work which is making me want to go to the gym so much. This might be the motivation I need to get that intensity up. As most people know, music is very important to me.

I've managed to get to the gym every day bar one for the last 8 days. I'm very happy with that. This has had the effect of making me want to eat all the time. Still need to get more outdoor walking miles under my belt but an hour of fast-paced CV every day has got to be good right? Also, doing weights every day has resulted in me getting some of the definition back in my arms. Haven't had that since I did Body Pump!

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