Monday, 4 January 2010

Eight weeks and counting...

It's a new year but the same old challenge. There are 8 weeks left until head off to Tanzania (the Visa arrived so they should let me in) and there's a whole lot of training still to do. My plan of exercising everyday over the Christmas period failed miserably, which was to be expected I suppose, but as of tomorrow I'm going to be back on form. The problem will be trying to get my self motivated again. I could really do with a training partner.

I got a new Garmin 405CX and a purple 16GB iPod nano for Christmas which I'm itching to try out on the go, so I'll need to go running or walking outside very soon. Need to plan some routes around Cardiff! I do need to do aomething every day now, whether it's swimming, gym, walking or pilates. I would love to go for some bike rides but I don't have my bike in Cardiff so that'll have to be limited to the odd weekend at home. Training will give me a good excuse to cut down on the drinking and help shift all those mince pies I ate over Christmas. Actually I had one just now so I've really got my work cut out ;)

I'm really excited now. Last things to do, get Malaria tablets, pack and weigh kit, keep fit and get myself on a plane! Hurrah!

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