Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Keep on keeping on

As Donna, another girl tackling Kili, has mentioned, there's only 45 days to go! The briefing is tonight in London but I can't make it so Donna's kindly going to report back on anything I need to know. We've started talking about what we're going to wear for the gala dinner after the climb. Girly, yes, but exciting too.

Did a couple of hour/two hour walks in the snow on the weekend and so far this week have managed a weights session and two proper gym sessions. The gym is filled with people trying to keep their new years resolutions... very frustrating for those of us who are just trying to keep going. Might have to try going later in the evening to see if it's any quieter. I've still not managed to give my Garmin Forerunner a proper try due to the continuing snow and slush.

I almost incurred injury the other day too. Walking out of my apartment complex I slipped, stacked it and now have several bruises in inconvenient places and a very sore, raw patch on my ankle where I took the skin off. I'm hoping to go for a long walk with Shruti at the weekend so it's on with the compeed to protect the wound.

I'm really looking forward to the walk with Shruti. I'm not bad at self-motivation but this month has been especially tough so far; it's the time when I most need to keep going though. I would still really like a personal trainer to help push me or a training partner to help with motivation. I'm not sure if I am actually any fitter, how much or if I've improved my strength or endurance. I am thinking that when I'm back home properly that I'd like to join the local running club. It's something I enjoy doing (with hiking, biking and swimming) and I've got some events in mind or already booked that it would help me to train for. I'd like to experience the social side of sport and see some improvement. A friend of mine plays football several times a week and always has stories about how they beat this team that they didn't last year or how he's improved; I'd like to experience that and running's pretty accessible. I've signed up for the Sherunsheruns/Sweatshop 10K in Bluewater again this year... want to get a new PB on the course :)

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