Monday, 1 February 2010

All by myself

25 days to go! Back into the gym tonight and a long walk planned for the weekend (route and destination unknown as yet). I'm really looking forward to a run later.

Was chatting to a friend of mine at the weekend who has signed up to do the Reading half marathon with his brother and sister. Just so happens I'm signed up too so I'll know a couple of people running which will be great... more people to get competative with provided I don't get injured on the mountain. Definitely want to get some longer runs in now. I'm hoping to get a time of sub 2 hours. If I can get 1:45 that'd be totally brilliant.

And now the reason for the title of this post. Unfortunately Shruti will not be joining me in Tanzania. There's been some fundraising issues and so she's been told she won't be able to participate. It's not completely unexpected but it's still a real shame, especially as all this was her idea to start with! Don't get me wrong, I in no way shape or form wish that I hadn't signed up to this, it's going to be a crazy and wonderful thing. I was just looking forward to sharing the experience with her and having her enthusiasm to help get me up there. I sort of know a couple of other girls but it won't be quite the same.

So I'll need even more encouragement and cheering on now!

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