Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Can I stand the heat?

I realised that although I've got together all my trekking clothing, I've not thought much about what I'll wear at the hotel. This led me to wonder what the weather was doing out there so I looked up the weather report for Kilimanjaro. Looks pretty rubbish right now, 22 and rainy but last week it was a balmy 33 degrees and sunny. Scorchio!

And then I thought it might be nice to share with you my itinerary. But I haven't got webspace to upload it and it looks rubbish as a picture so you'll just have to go without... for now at least.

Just over a week to go now. I'm pretty much packed and I've not done much in the way of exercising in the last week or so. Partly because I've been on a course with work and partly because I'm now terrified of getting an injury. Let's save those for the a more impressive situation ;)

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