Friday, 3 December 2010

Grim Challenge

Well as the counter on the right says, Grim is tomorrow, except now it isn't.

For days and days, ever since the snow started, I've been battling with my conscience as to whether or not to go ahead with this. There were concerns about the state of the course, whether it would actually be dangerous for me to try and compete, whether I could get there safely and whether mum and dad would be able to get to me to support me, because if I'm honest there was no way I was going to attempt to do this without support in case I did injure myself or suffer from hypothermia or something.

I was still toying with trying to get there because a) I'd paid b) I'd run in minus temperatures and know I can cope c) I knew other people were all geared up and ready to go and I'd feel like I'd wussed out.

This morning I made a decision not to go ahead with it, and immediately felt rubbish. So it was with joy that I saw the recent announcement on their facebook site that it's being postponed, probably until January, land bookings permitting. FAN-tastic! I can relax, train some more, and enjoy my Christmas now.


  1. I was planning on going to wish everyone Good Luck on the GRIM due to injury I could not compete this year. You should check out the Spartan Race as well, my club has a big team in