Friday, 31 December 2010

In preparation

So, tomorrow it starts. New year, new ridiculous challenge. Garmin is charged and linked to runningfree (just need to work out how to change the time on it... seems to have gone weird and thinks it's November). iPod charged and loaded with my best running music (also on iPhone in case of failage). Running kit at the ready. Choice of three routes for my first run, depending on how fragile I'm feeling.

I've not run for about 2.5 weeks which is long enough for me to be feeling as though I need to but past the point that I've got itchy feet about going out and doing anything. Plus it's cold, foggy, wet, blah blah blah.

Dug out my body fat monitor. Thought it'd be good to track how I'm doing that way too. So here are the vitals as at T-1.

Weight: 64kg (yikes!)
Fat %: 26
Muscle %: 69.9
Water %: 53.7
BMI: 20.1 (yikes again)

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