Saturday, 1 January 2011

Day one - Bleurrrrgh

I think the first day of Janathon has got to be the hardest. You've partied hard the night before, maybe drunk a little too much, had some sort of sleep and woken up at 1pm feeling sluggish, hungry, dehydrated and not in the best of spirits for stepping foot outside into the cold day.

Or was that just me?

I finally dragged myself out at 5pm for just over two miles. I was happy with that quite honestly. It's a fair start. I ran the whole way at my normal pace (so not slowed down by last night's festivities). I'm sure amongst the 170 odd of us taking part, there will be some mentalist who ran 14 miles or something. Basically this is the shortest run I do and I intend to build it up over the month.


1 comment:

  1. You weren't the only one... your day sounds much like mine... I started at a pace akin to walking and by the end had got up to my normal pace... happy with that considering I'd never have run on New Year's Day normally! Well done for getting out there! :-)