Monday, 3 January 2011

Day three - slowly but surely

Had big plans today. Then I woke up at 10am. I am building my distances very slowly. I'm trying, honest I am. It's just so much more difficult than I expected it to be. I guess the extra holiday weight and the lack of exercise before Christmas has just decimated my fitness levels.

Hey ho. Almost 3 miles today. Tomorrow, to ring the changes, I'll be going to the gym after work. I'll do a bit of weights work and try and do my intervals session. That's 20 minutes, 1 minute at 6.7kph, 1 minute at 13 kph, repeat. Before Christmas I was doing 3 of the recovery periods at 9.5kph. Let's see if I can do that tomorrow.

It tried to snow when I was out today. Blimmin' weather. As I was running down the hill before I turn into my road I got to thinking how cool it would be if someone managed to take a picture of me as I pass the automated "slow down" traffic signal, just before a car comes into shot... just a thought.


  1. How funny... I had exactly the same thought on my run yesterday... in fact, my friend and I were about the try it when we realised there was no pavement on that side of the road and if someone was causing the 'slow down' sign to flash on, the photo may actually end up of me being run over!! :-)

  2. I think starting up again is the most difficult part. It gives me hope that every run will get a little easier!