Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day 8 - Mud, mud, glorious mud

Well we're into the secnd week now! I'm quite astonished that I've managed to run every day for 8 consecutive days. I'm not sure I've ever done that before. I need to watch out for my right knee though, it's feeling a bit wobbly.

This morning was parkrun. My 12th I think. The results are yet to come through but I'm not anticipating an PB. There were several points where I couldn't overtake people and the mud and headwinds made for a bit of a battle. The trail shoes were great though. I know if I'd have run in my normal trainers that my feet would have been cold, sodden and very miserable by the end of the course. As it was I stayed mostly dry, allbeit with large amounts of mud splattered up my legs. I managed to step in a very large puddle on the way back to the car though, resulting in very wet feet indeed. Typical.

There were more people at parkrun than I've seen before. All those new years resolutions. I saw Stefan who is a regular there, he's now done 25 runs and keeps improving my his PB. I didn't see my pacer friend but Steve the organiser said hello and asked if I was geting any faster yet. Regrettably I had to say no. Although that's the aim this year I know it's going to be a real struggle. I chose to run with music today, as I have all week. Yesterday I ran to Audiofuel's Juneathon track from last summer. Will we get a Janathon track? Please?

Here's my vitals after week 1. Improvement all round but there's still a way to go to shift the Christmas weight (regardless of whether my mother reckons it shows or not).

Weight: 63kg (hmmm, I'd like to get to 60)
Fat %: 25.6
Muscle %: 70.3
Water %: 54
BMI: 19.8 (improvement)

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