Monday, 24 January 2011

Buck up your ideas girl

Well here we are at the start of another week. I failed to go to the training run on Sunday and instead met friends for lunch, which was lovely but not really helping matters with regards to races. I stayed out much later than I intended to on Saturday night but did remain sober. Also cooking experiments haven't resulted in increased speed or weight loss.

I came into work to the news that N ran 13 miles at the weekend. Bummer. Tonight I am going to my first ever ViPR class at the gym and might do some additional hill work on the treadmill before going home to a healthy dinner of reasonable proportions and an evening of study.

By the end of February I want to have completed at least one 10 mile run and be down to 60kg. That's uppping my mileage by about 6 miles and 3kg to lose... as I appear to have put weight on this week. Bummer.

Weight 63kg (bummer)
Fat % - 25.7
Water % - 54
Muscle % - 70.2
BMI - 19.8 (boo)

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