Thursday, 9 December 2010

Grim revisited

It's all been sorted. The new dates for Grim have been announced (15th and 16th January 2011) and I can't make either of them. Luckily the organisers have considered this and are offering people the chance to defer entry to Grim 2011 or transfer to Beast in the East which is in Swanley in May.

After some consideration I'm transferring. I don't really want to wait a whole year, it'll help me stay focussed on training for my other events and the weather will be nicer. That said, the course is supposedly tougher although it's only 10km. I'm going to have to start embracing hill training.

I think huge thanks have to go out to the Grim organisers. They've handled this all extremely well and even though a lot of us have been whinging and whining about it, we're very grateful.

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