Friday, 2 November 2012

Fundraising Update - October

One month into my fundraising and I'm well on the way. I got my very first donation, a generous £20,plus several more and have raised £180 in total! I'm both touched and rather relieved. I know I haven't really shouted about it yet but I was beginning to wonder if I'd get any donations at all. I've only just started to talk about it on twitter and although I've sent an email out to friends, family and colleagues I know it's very early to be drumming up sponsorship. But I was advised to start as soon as possible, especially with such a big target. My worry is that I'll end up bugging people. 

What has been lovely is that loads of people have said it's a great cause and a brilliant challenge. It's been a real conversation starter and I've have several offers of cakes to sell and running buddies.

I'm still waiting on the charity to send me collecting tins and other fundraising materials but I did submit a press release to the local community magazine and have a mention in there this month so I may get some more support there. The charity have put my story on their website and I also hijacked my OH's coffee business to sell cakes as a fundraiser at an event he attended. I've also sold some cakes at work to raise a few more pounds, which seemed to go down very well.

So all good so far! I think next steps are making a bit more of a fuss on facebook and setting up a text giving code. When I get the materials through from the charity I'll be able to do even more!

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