Sunday, 25 November 2012

Three is the magic number

This week I've been keeping things fairly light with just three 3 mile runs. The first was Monday before work. These are always the hardest for me because I don't eat beforehand and so suffer from heavy legs and lack of energy. Going out in the frosty dawn and seeing the sunrise was worth it though.

Tuesday evening I'd planned to try a free circuits class run by a girl at work. I need to build he strength training habit still and his seemed a good place to start. My friend Anita was game too but we couldn't find the location despite directions. So we gave up and went home. A run helped to ease my frustration and there's always next week. Lastly was my 48th parkrun in the drizzle at Bexley. Apart from my 50 t-shirt being within reach it was nothing much to write home about really.

It's getting hard to motivate myself to run in the early mornings, on dark nights and in the cold, wet, windy weather. A couple of leisure centres in the area are offering free or cheap 7-12 day passes which I'm thinking of taking advantage of in December to build on my strength with body pump classes and so on. I'm reluctant to sign up to one long term but variety is always good. I've not been gong to running club recently but with my training officially starting next week I might start again, especially as I'm a bit clueless when it comes to longer routes in the area.

In contrast to my running schedule, my OH has been running almost everyday for two weeks. I'm really impressed with his dedication and hope to learn a thing or two. Normally I would start getting guilty and worrying that I wasn't doing enough (always one to want to keep up) but I can still outrun him on distance and my training will be under way soon enough.

What has encouraged and inspired me this week was the 2012 Running Show, which I shall write a separate post on in the next day or so. A really excellent event.

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