Monday, 9 December 2013

Progress 8

I’m a sucker for a free sample. I ate so many bits of Clif bar at the Running Show I barely needed lunch. I’m also a sucker for getting things through the post. I love a bit of post. And this is probably why Progress8 caught my eye. They also produce sports nutrition bars but have an ethos I can really get on board with. For a start they’re freshly made by hand each week. That’s some dedication right there. Secondly they will post them to you!
Fits through your letterbox!
Start off with one of their £5 taster boxes. You’ll get this within 3-5 days of ordering, straight to your doormat because the boxes are designed to fit through your letterbox. These contain one of each of their six flavours. Once you’ve decided which flavours you like best you can order boxes of those, single flavours or mixed, it doesn’t matter, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Postage is included in the price of the box and you get a supply of bars to suit your lifestyle or training plan. Awesome!
All the flavours. Yum!
The bars are substantial with a consistency that is less dense than most flapjack type bars. There are six flavours to choose from: Raspberry & White Chocolate, Multi-seed Crunch, Honey Flapjack, Banoffee Slice, Blueberry & Sesame and Cranberry & Yogurt. I think my favourites are Cranberry & Yogurt and Multi-seed Crunch as they're less sweet, not that any of them are overly sweet, mind. The ingredients are all things you'll recognise, no nasties, and you could be forgiven for thinking you could have a go at making them yourself from the ingredients list.

There's no gluten free bar at present but it's in the pipeline and they're also looking to expand into soups, snack pots and cereals which I'll be interested to try when they come out.

You can follow Progress8 on Facebook and twitter to get training tips, training tune of the week, special offers and much more.

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