Friday, 31 January 2014

Clap Along If You Know What Happiness Is To You

In the words of Pharrell Williams, I’m happy! That song has been played a lot on the radio lately and seems the perfect antidote to the January gloom and making the past week one of my best. I’d even go so far as to say it’s been glorious, apart from the pesky 8 hours every day I’ve had to spend in the office! There's only so much e-learning one can do in a day and I’ve felt fizzy with anticipation everyday as I watch the clock tick towards 5pm.
A slow and muddy park run on Saturday was punctuated by comments on my funky leggings and followed by an indulgent afternoon and evening in London eating quantities of cheese, drinking cocktails out of ice glasses and enjoying a delicious dinner with lashings of vino. Hey, 80/20 rule, right? I may also have bought a rather fantastic little black dress on impulse but we’ll gloss over that…

This week’s delicious adventures in food (I DO love my food) included egg white muffins/tortillas that tasted like mini vegetable pizzas, a frugal but extremely tasty vegetable curry, some more amazing smoothies and the discovery of lemon pie sustain squares from wholeplus that I had in my latest saviour snacks box. Oh my word they are divine!
Blackberry, avocado and almond butter smoothie - so yum!
Cranberry Orange Almond Ginger smoothie
I’ve seen all of my local friends in the past 7 days for tea, belated gift giving and the occasional geek out over protein shakes, race plans and training regimes and I had a real treat of an evening with my folks and fella at a vintage vinyl night at a very cool little bar that specialises in rum! I was designated driver so stayed relatively on track… track! Ha! Ahem…
The final pair of new leggings from the Christmas haul and a new sports bra got christened at the gym and in Body Combat. I’ve run and got my very first medal of the year through the post for the Virtual 10k race I completed a couple of weeks back. On top of all that my energy levels have been right up… so much so I’ve been a little upset at not being able to get to make a couple of extra gym sessions. I had all good intentions of a long run this evening but it's bucketing down and I've been offered a meal out so now I have to decide whether I double up on parkrun and gym tomorrow or just do a longer run instead.

First medal of the year!
How’s *your* training going? Breathing a sigh of relief at the end of Janathon or raring for more?

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