Friday, 10 January 2014

This Week's Reflections

For many of us it’s been the first full week of normality since Christmas. How’re you all getting on with that? I’ve been back to work and back to school. I’m on week 10 of 16 of my Nutrition for Weight Management course, half way through my case study and I started a 2 week course on Exercise for Weight Loss on Monday. I need to set aside some time to knuckle down for a couple of hours but generally feeling on top of it all.

The week got off to a fun start as I took part in the Women’s Running Great Debate. That was a lot of fun I can tell you, discussing running kit with three other lovely ladies. I think my group will be in the April edition which will be out in March. Still nervously awaiting the copy for review!
I’m not doing too badly with my new year’s goals so far. I’ve not had a protein shake everyday but I’ve tried a few new recipes and I have been doing my daily stretches. I’m taking part in 100 Happy Days and I’ve done a fair amount of decluttering; a bag of clothes went out for charity collection today, I dropped a bag of odds and ends at Oxfam last weekend and I have a package to send to A Mile In Her Shoes.
Good looking kit is definitely a motivator for me, but only as long as it's functional too.
I’ve been battling with getting back on the exercise waggon despite my enthusiasm. I wussed out of parkrun last Saturday because of the rain in favour of a gym session but failed to do anything of significance on Sunday once a proposed climbing session was shelved in favour of a lie in and brunch… it was an excellent brunch! I’ve been beating myself up about not running. Somehow I feel as though a week of exercise isn’t complete without a run so that’s what I made myself do this morning and I am doing a new-to-me parkrun tomorrow COME WHAT MAY! In addition, a gym session, Group Kick class and two mornings of sun salutations mean I have done *something* every day this week so far but I need to do more to combat all the meals out I’ve had this week (4 in the last 7 days - yikes).  

Thankfully the energy levels have been a lot higher recently. The iron tablets I’ve been taking seem to agree with me and are taking effect. That and I’ve been stuffed full of broccoli, spinach and other leafy greens. I had another blood test and review this week which revealed the iron levels are creeping back up but the B12 levels are crashing. The doctor advises I keep doing what I’m doing and have another review in a couple of months. Fingers crossed it’s all evening out.

Do any of you use the NTC app on the phone for workouts? I had my first experience of it last week and I really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be using it more. It was easy to follow with demonstrations of all the exercises, timely count downs and the ability to use my own playlists.  Do you have any other suggestions for good apps and videos to use for home workouts, to make them a bit more interesting? I’m working my way through the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar videos but it’s always nice to have options.

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