Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Another Milestone Reached

I’m gradually edging closer to becoming a qualified PT. I recently attended the workshop for my Level 3 qualification, having completed the accompanying e-learning for Advanced Anatomy & Physiology and Programming & Coaching. In my mind, although I have a long way to go before completing my advanced diploma, this was the biggie. Failing my A&P exam would mean resits hanging over me while I completed my coursework. Failing on the assessment would mean that certificates for other modules would be delayed, even if I passed them.
Another London course, another swanky studio...
I seem to have some sort of aptitude for study, but not a huge amount of self-belief. I love studying and learning and for the most part, don’t get freaked out by exams. But I have never been brilliant at “science-y”  things, giving up Science at school at the earliest opportunity in favour of Literature and Maths. This goes someway to explaining why the A&P parts of my course have held so much fear for me. I’m interested in the body, it’s a fascinating thing, but it’s a complex machine described by lots of long and complicated names. There was never really a point in my study where I felt comfortable with my level of knowledge. I could remember a bunch of stuff but I didn’t necessarily *understand* things.

So it was with some trepidation that I turned over the question paper containing 37 multiple choice questions on the afternoon of day 1 of the workshop. “Multiple choice” no longer equates to “easy” in my mind. Somehow James, my tutor, managed to distract us from our pending results for the remainder of the course to the point I almost forgot I was awaiting them.
The roof terrace at 37 Degrees
I am over the moon with my solid pass. I can now focus on the assessment I need to complete in the next 5 weeks without feeling distracted by scheduling resits and revising again. The assessment, while a lot of work at this stage, as I’m not used to carrying out fitness assessments or designing programmes for real, live people, feels straightforward. I can do this. I’m methodical and organised and will get it done. Hopefully it will be fun along the way.

And ultimately I know I will pass because I care about getting this qualification. I am interested in the subject and I want to be able to apply my knowledge. Leaving the course venue at Olympia, having spent two days with a great bunch of people, some new faces, some familiar, learning by design and by sharing ideas, I felt elated. I was enthused and excited. This was how I wanted to spend my time. It felt like home and even though I’m a quietly-spoken, introverted 30-something who takes on far too many challenges and there are definitely people who are better suited to be a PT than, I know I will make something of this in some way, because I really really want to.
Living life in balance isn't always easy