Thursday, 22 May 2014

Om Nom Nom Nom Nom Bars

I've said it before and I'll say it again... breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I love taking a little time to make a proper coffee, linger over a bowl of something and watching the squirrels and birds outside (does anyone else get the Mission Impossible theme in their head when watching squirrels? no?) but there have been a lot of mornings lately when I've had to leave early. When I do that, I have to eat on the go as eating before 8am just leaves me hungrier later, oddly.

So my go-to breakfast has been a smoothie and some sort of bar. I've been enjoying Trek bars, especially the morning berry variety, but I've also been trying nom bars. I've had these as snacks before but never as a breakfast substitute. Cacao & raspberry was the first I tried and I got a small size of the original bar in a saviour snacks box or similar but I'd yet to try the banana flavour so that was the first one I opened.
Elevenses: Coffee in my favourite mug and a nom
Well they certainly live up to the name. The banana one didn't taste overwhelmingly of banana as so many artificial products do and the Cacao & Raspberry one tasted really zingy and fresh. The oats aren't visible in the same way as most flapjacks are but nevertheless they do taste very flapjack-like. And they're pretty substantial; having one at elevenses meant I wasn't anywhere near hungry for my lunch, even by 2pm. I had the plain one with a shake for breakfast-on-the-go and the Cacao & Raspberry one for an afternoon snack and both kept hunger at bay too.
They've just updated their packaging which now looks really bright, fresh and funky. Point of note... the ends lack the zigzag finish of most other bars which I found made them mildly tricky to open. Or I'm a weakling. For anyone unfamiliar with the brand, nom bars are made with oats, oat bran, virgin coconut oil, cacao nibs, contain no refined sugars or dairy and are 100% organic. They clock in at around 235kcal per 52g bar (Trek are around 215kcal for 50g).
P.S. Despite it being on the packaging I only just twigged about nom standing for "Naturally, Organic Matters"... sigh.

Disclaimer: I was sent three nom bars in the new packaging by nom foods in return for a review and have provided an honest opinion in this post.

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