Monday, 23 February 2015

Bracknell parkrun

It's official, parkrun is coming to Bracknell! 
Parkrun is going from strength to strength with new locations launching just about every week, or so it seems, in the UK and overseas alike. Some parts of the country have a higher density of events than others and I'm inclined to think that I'm in one of the luckier areas with my two nearest parkruns being 20 minutes drive away and another two or three within 30-40 minutes drive. 

I'd heard a rumour that work was in progress to bring two parkruns to the area, one in Ascot and one in Bracknell. I've yet to hear anything more about Ascot but I've heard that although the Bracknell event is yet to appear on the events page it will be launching on April 4th. Even better it's going to be less than two miles from my front door! 

There's a "test" parkrun on Saturday 21st March at 1pm which I hope to attend but nothing will stop me from being at the inaugural event either as a runner or a volunteer. I'd also like to get a few of the RunFitUK  Bracknell Team together and use it as a way to show them just how much they're improving (insert proud face emoticon here).

If you're local to the area or just fancy a bit of parkrun tourism, keep an eye out for the Bracknell parkrun and indeed other new events wherever you are.

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