Monday, 16 February 2015

Internet Findings : February

I thought it might be fun to do an occasional post on bits and pieces from around the internet that I've been drawn to recently. So here's a little round up of blogs, articles, podcasts and links to things I'm coveting. Enjoy!

Runner's World posted a really good article on dividing and conquering your long runs - a strategy I've used myself in the past to good effect.

Chrissie Wellington writes about juggling training and life. The take away from this, for me, was not to compare myself to others. I don't live the same lives so I won't have the same training plans. There are also some great tips on involving the family, ensuring you don't end up relying on convenience foods and making the most of the time you do have.

"focus on what you CAN do in the context of your life"

Finisterre have got some gorgeous lines at the moment. I had to retire my previous merino base layer but still don a pair of their merino pants for cold weather running. I'm lusting after the zephyr range at the moment, specifically this hoodie, but while we're at it I'll have the pants, vest, leggings and an Eddy long line too please!

I'm not the only one getting to grips with becoming a cyclist at the moment. Kimberley is also learning about repairs and maintenance. Check out her blog here.

The ever-fabulous Bangs and a Bun wrote a great piece about dealing with overwhelm, something that is quite relevant to me at the moment. She also does a wicked podcast, the latest of which is all about dealing with those things that weigh on you.

Found any cool articles lately? Link me up!

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